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CPAC's Weekly top potato recipe pick:

This week: Cajun Shrimp Potato Chowder

 Colorado Proud Featured Recipe:

Mediterranean Potato Soup Recipe


Our new Produce for Better Health Recipe

Potato Spinach Lasagna


And for more great recipes...

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Doug Monter Memorial Scholarship

It's that time of year again! Are you a senior in high school? Do you know a senior in high school? The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee offers a $7,000 scholarship, over a 4 year period, to any local area graduating male senior who meets our scholarship requirements.

Some of these requirements include:

The student must be entering college or vocational school as a freshman.  

Preference will be given to students who are pursuing a degree in agriculture or related field of study, BUT all applicants will be considered.                                                                                                                                                       

The recipient must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better.                                                                                      

Applicants will be rated on high school GPA, ACT/SAT scores, school and community achievements, leadership roles, essay content, and a personal interview.                    

Applications are to due the CPAC Office by the clost of business on April 3, 2015. For more inforamation you can click HERE for our scholarship application or call 719-852-3322.


Colorado Proud Campaign commercials

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2014 SAn Luis Valley Potato FEstival was one for the record books


The 2014 San Luis Valley Potato Festival was a big success this year! We celebrated harvest and the San Luis Valley Potato Idustry this year with record numbers in both participation, size and our monetary donation to a good cause. Every year, CPAC chooses a cause or group to raise money for and raises money by selling bags of potatoes during the event for a donation. This year's cause was the Faith Hinkley Veterans Memorial Park in Monte Vista, CO. In combination with record numbers in participation for the Festival on Saturday (Sept. 6th), this year, CPAC added an evening on Friday (Sept. 5th) that included a baked potato bar, which also asked for donations, and free concert. With the regular Festival activities on Saturday and the added Friday night, all combined monetary donations came out to over $2,300! Which didn't include the Memorial Park informational booth that was set up during the festival that took donations throughout the day as well. All efforts combined raised over $4,500 for the Faith Hinkley Veterans Memorial Park.

For more pictures visit the 2014 San Luis Valley Potato Festival's Facebook Page!

For recipes from the Festival, hover over the "About CPAC" tab above. Go to the bottom of the list and click on "Popular Potato Recipes". You will be directed to our recipe database where you can find recipes from all past Festival's, for both the Professional Chef Cook-off as well as the Downtown Taste-Testing Tour.




The Agriculture Education Program's mission is to reconnect youth to agriculture through education and help them to see and understand that agriculture is sustainable, conservation minded and builds important interrelationships with the ecosystem and our culture. The vision of AEP is to promote agriculture through problem solving, critical thinking and hands-on experiences to the learner. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST THE K-12 EDUCATION CIRRICULUM.




 Antique Potato Equipment


Here is a picture of the antique potato equipment we have displayed in the yard at the CPAC office. A special thanks to Clyde Jones who generously donated the potato shaker to our growing display. We now have a planter,harvester, sorter, and shaker.                    


We are grateful to Jim Clare and the San Luis Valley Antique Iron club for their contributions to the impressive collection. It is nice to remember the old days but it sure helps you appreciate the modern equipment we have today.


  Beautiful Outside…Beautiful Inside

When we asked consumers  what images comes to mind when they think of Colorado, they answered …fresh…healthy…natural…beautiful…

The Majestic snow-covered peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains jut up 14,000 feet to surround the fertile plateau of the San Luis Valley. Here, at 7600 feet, in the highest and largest commercial agricultural valley in the world, the potato flourishes.
This ideal combination of location, climate, soil and practices produces potatoes that not only look good, but are good for you.   From our long-popular Russets to fast-growing specialties, potatoes grown in Colorado are known for their superior color,shape and, in some varieties, nutritional properties. The cool weather also contributes to the smoothness of the skin, while the Valley’s isolation helps eliminate pest and disease.  That’s not even mentioning the flavor that makes them a favorite in both homes and restaurants.  No other potato producing region can boast of this fortune of goods and geography!

Farmers began growing potatoes in Colorado's San Luis Valley about 1875, making it one of the oldest potato growing areas in the country. The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, representing the area Colorado Potato Growers and Colorado Potato Shippers, recently adopted a new theme line to reflect: its reputation   QUALITY AT ITS PEAK.