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Here are some items we're featuring for an Easter menu which includes potato recipes worthy of adding to your Easter meal!

Appetizer: Deviled Egg Potato Bites

Side Dish: Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Entree: Herb-Crusted Pork Roast with New Potatoes



And for more great recipes...


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2014 ANTAD Show

A few shippers from the San Luis Valley recently attended the ANTAD Show in Guadalajara, Mexico earlier this month and I believe it's safe to say they made a mark.

The ANTAD show can best be described as a modern retail business forum which brings together retail store chains with companies that want to be, or already are, their suppliers. The expo is a meeting point where a business environment is created to facilitate efficient supply, distribution, and support. Commercial synergies and business meetings are held throughout the three day show, under one roof, from over 2,200 suppliers and 37,000 visitors.

Some of the shippers from Area II that attended this event were Roger Christensen (Maverick Potato Co.), Angela Diera (Skyline Potato Co.), Ryan Haynie (Aspen Produce), Darren White (RPE), and Jim Knutzon (Farm Fresh Direct). After returning from the show, they all had positive feedback and great things to say about the show itself, the people they met, and the professional relationsips that were built, based on Colorado potatoes.

I sat down with Darren White from RPE for a little one on one question session and here's what he had to say about his experience:

What retailers were at the ANTAD Show?

"Almost all the big retailers that are in Mexico, including: Wal-Mart, El Florido, Tiendas Sorina, Chedraui, and Alsuper, just to name a few."

Was attending the show beneficial to your company and Colorado as far as gaining new customers? How?

"Absolutely, 100%! The quality of the contacts we made was outstanding, and the potential for future business is very positive! Customers from that area are very interestd in Colorado potatoes and want to get set up immediately so they can begin receiving potatoes when all of the details are worked out between Mexico and the United States."

How were you perceived by attendees as an American business person?

"We felt very welcome, and the excitement about having our products to offer their customers was off the charts. The attendees were very interested in talking to us and learning about our companies!"

Do you feel it's advantageous for your company to participate in the show again in the future?

"Absolutely. In my opinion, we have to show a commitment from our area to our customers in Mexico, and attending the show is a small investment in the potential to maximize returns for our area to our growers. Attendance shows that we are serious about conducting business with Mexico, and allows putting a face to a name."

All of the efforts, like this, that have been made have been well worth it. Not long after the ANTAD Show, it was announced that the Mexican government issued its final rule to expand the trade of fresh potatoes between our two countries.


Fresh white potatoes still excluded from the wic Program-what's the deal?

Click here to read a story about the recent issue involving USDA continuing to ban fresh white potatoes from the WIC Program. This story includes an interview with the Executive Director of the Colorado Potato Administrative Commitee on the recent issue involving USDA continuing to ban fresh white potatoes from the WIC Program.



The Agriculture Education Program's mission is to reconnect youth to agriculture through education and help them to see and understand that agriculture is sustainable, conservation minded and builds important interrelationships with the ecosystem and our culture. The vision of AEP is to promote agriculture through problem solving, critical thinking and hands-on experiences to the learner. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST THE K-12 EDUCATION CIRRICULUM.



Meet Emily Perez from Pueblo Centennial High School our "Choose the Health Food Every "Body" Likes Colorado Potatoes" Contest Winner! Emily wrote this essay of why she loves Colorado Potatoes and why they should be a part of your healthy diet! 


 Antique Potato Equipment


Here is a picture of the antique potato equipment we have displayed in the yard at the CPAC office. A special thanks to Clyde Jones who generously donated the potato shaker to our growing display. We now have a planter,harvester, sorter, and shaker.                    


We are grateful to Jim Clare and the San Luis Valley Antique Iron club for their contributions to the impressive collection. It is nice to remember the old days but it sure helps you appreciate the modern equipment we have today.


  Beautiful Outside…Beautiful Inside

When we asked consumers  what images comes to mind when they think of Colorado, they answered …fresh…healthy…natural…beautiful…

The Majestic snow-covered peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains jut up 14,000 feet to surround the fertile plateau of the San Luis Valley. Here, at 7600 feet, in the highest and largest commercial agricultural valley in the world, the potato flourishes.
This ideal combination of location, climate, soil and practices produces potatoes that not only look good, but are good for you.   From our long-popular Russets to fast-growing specialties, potatoes grown in Colorado are known for their superior color,shape and, in some varieties, nutritional properties. The cool weather also contributes to the smoothness of the skin, while the Valley’s isolation helps eliminate pest and disease.  That’s not even mentioning the flavor that makes them a favorite in both homes and restaurants.  No other potato producing region can boast of this fortune of goods and geography!

Farmers began growing potatoes in Colorado's San Luis Valley about 1875, making it one of the oldest potato growing areas in the country. The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, representing the area Colorado Potato Growers and Colorado Potato Shippers, recently adopted a new theme line to reflect: its reputation   QUALITY AT ITS PEAK.