Potato Info For Food Service Professionals

From the fanciest restaurants to the school cafeteria, potatoes are a perennial favorite.  Professional chefs know that Colorado potatoes are crowd pleasers, in fact, potatoes (in any form) beat out every other starch served by U.S. restaurants! We want to help foodservice professionals with new recipe ideas and best practices for freshness and food safety.

Potatoes remain a top profit-maker for you, whether side-dish or center-of-plate. That is why the growers of the country’s purest potatoes are poised to help foodservice professionals make the most of the latest culinary trends. World Food…Asian Fusion…Cuban/Caribe …these are some of the “hot” menu trends today. Chefs’ craving color and creativity come to Colorado Potato growers for ideas and inspiration. We grow over 70 varieties many which can be served skin-on reducing labor costs and increasing plate appeal.  Explore our recipes, resources and tips to enhance your potato expertise:

Go-To Resources for Food Service Professionals

We’ve got the information you need to be a potato prep pro.  Amazing recipe ideas, what you need to know about potato varieties and more…access our professional resources

Variety is the Spice of Life

It’s true that no two potatoes are ever alike. Of course they come in all shapes and sizes, but Colorado Potatoes also come in over 70 varieties…Learn about our different varieties

How many to Order

Not sure how many potatoes you need? Confused about potato sizing? We can take the confusion out of ordering potatoes…check out our carton count matrix

Answers to Your Potato Questions

Being potato pros, we get a lot of questions about how to prepare them, store them, freeze them, and more.  We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you become a potato master…Search our FAQs