Storage Tips

When properly stored, potatoes can last much longer than other vegetables. Before storing your potatoes, sort through them and remove any potatoes with broken skins, bruises or other visible damage.  These will rot faster and negatively impact your undamaged potatoes. Use the damaged potatoes within a day or two, cutting out the unattractive parts.

  • Store potatoes in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area, protect from direct light
  • Do not store in unventilated plastic bags
  • Storage between 45°F to 50°F is ideal
  • Potatoes will last 1-2 weeks at room temperature and several months at 45°F-50°F
  • Storing potatoes exposed to excessive light will cause them to turn green and develop a bitter flavor
  • If the potato has developed green, that section can be removed before cooking
  • It is best not to wash potatoes before storing
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze potatoes. At temperatures below 42°F the starch will begin to turn into sugar.

Check your potatoes periodically for signs of spoilage such as greening, sprouting or rot. One rotten potato will infect others around it, so removing any deteriorating potatoes will make the rest last longer.

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