What Makes Colorado Potatoes Better?

Nestled between the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains along the Rio Grande River, Colorado’s San Luis Valley provides the perfect setting for growing exceptional potatoes.
With 350 days of sunshine a year, San Luis Valley potatoes are packed with important sun-drenched nutrients, yet at an elevation of 7600 feet, our summer temperatures remain mild – ideal for potatoes and potato farmers alike. Plus the surrounding mountains provide an abundant supply of pure mountain water from the annual snow melt.  Our high altitude also naturally decreases the likelihood of disease and pests.  Our rich soil contains unique mineral deposits as the valley was an ancient lake bed and minerals are continuously deposited here from the numerous mountain rivers.  These ideal growing conditions have made the San Luis Valley the second largest fresh potatoes region in the U.S.

Producing Perfect Potatoes in San Luis Valley

Producing Perfect Potatoes

Together with the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, San Luis Valley growers and shippers have created strict guidelines for quality, a water sustainability plan and progressive, state-of-the-art production practices to ensure that all Colorado Potatoes meet the highest standards for food safety and taste. Our potato growers and shippers market their own crops or store them in cooperative warehouses with other growers for future sale. About 20 major potato warehouses pack and ship potatoes in the Valley. Using ultra-modern equipment, potatoes can go from storage to warehouse to truck any day during the shipping season without exposure to the outdoors. About 95 percent of the crop is shipped to the nation’s fresh market both locally and across the country.

Healthier Living with San Luis Valley Potatoes

Potatoes pack a nutritional punch and are full of vitamins and minerals.   They are an excellent source of Vitamin C, supplying 30% of the recommended daily value, and contain more potassium than a banana.  Potatoes provide all these nutrients while being naturally free of cholesterol, sodium, gluten, and fat.  Potatoes also provide the carbohydrates that you need to perform at your very best.  The carbohydrates in potatoes are a key source of energy for both your brain and muscles.  So, fuel your brain and body with potatoes!

Healthy Potatoes in San Luis Valley