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Peterson Farms, LLC

Peterson Farms, LLC at Colorado Potato
A Family Farm Mark Peterson grew up in the potato business.  He and his brother, Greg, comprise the third generation of Petersons to farm potatoes in the San Luis Valley.  Mark’s grandfather, Melvin, moved to the valley in the 1930s to farm beginning with 160 acres.  Since then, Peterson Farms has grown into the operation it is today.  The farm stayed in the family, with Mark’s father Ron Peterson, taking over in the late 1950s and Mark and Greg taking over in the early 1990s.  The farm continues to grow... Read More

Skyline Potato

Skyline Potato in San Luis Valley, CO
Established in 1991 Skyline Potato is a potato shipper in Center, Colorado.  Founded in 1991, Skyline Potato has since become a major player in the Colorado fresh potato industry.  Offering both conventional and organic product lines, their warehouse runs 1.5 million hundredweight of potatoes a year! Skyline potato has three facilities in the San Luis Valley, including Skyline Potato, Horizon Potato and Purely Organic.  Purely Organic was the first entirely organic packing facility in the San Luis Valley region! Leading the Way Les Alderete is the General Manager at Skyline... Read More

Mix Farms

Roger Mix & Family
Three Generations of Farming The Mix family has farmed potatoes and malt barley for three generations.  Mix Farms started with 120 acres, 60 in potatoes and 60 in barley.  Since then, the farm has grown substantially.  They now farm a combined 800 acres, and produce an average potato yield of 350 cwt of yellow potatoes and 450-475 cwt of Russet potatoes.  Mix Farms continues to grow Coors malt barley, and at times green manure.  Mix Farms is also a Certified Potato Seed Grower.  Roger enjoys all aspects of the potato... Read More

Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell | Colorado Potato Advisory Committee
A Family Affair The Mitchell family has been farming together in the San Luis Valley since the late 1930’s.  Tyler’s grandfather started the farm with his uncle and was later joined by Tyler’s Dad. Today Mike is semi-retired and Tyler and his brother Clay do most of the heavy lifting with help from their uncle Ron Crowther.  It’s all hands on deck for planting and harvest, Clay does most of the book-keeping and Tyler manages equipment maintenance on the 1780 acre farm. Leaning Forward Tyler and Clay Mitchell are continually... Read More

Rockey Farms, LLC.

Rockey Farms. Established 1938 Sheldon Rockey and his brother Brendon are the third generation of Rockey’s to run Rockey Farms.  Their grandfather bought the first land in 1938 and farmed until the 1970’s when their father and uncle took over.  Now they’ve taken the operation to the next level incorporating innovative sustainable growing practices and new varieties.  They farm seed and specialty potato varieties on 500 acres plus peas, buckwheat, radishes and about a dozen other crops.  These other crops help break down the hard soil and encourage the right... Read More

Seger West Farm

Matt Seger Family
Fascinated By Potatoes Matt Seger grew up in the Valley but not on a potato farm.  Nevertheless, he was fascinated by the potato harvest as a child and knew it was a business he wanted to get involved in.  After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Agronomic Production Management, Matt went to work for Sunny Valley Farms and McNitt Produce for seven years to learn the business. Then, with financial support from his boss, Dick McNitt, he was able to go out on his own. From the... Read More

Jones Farms Organics

Rob Jones | CPAC
Four Generations of Jones in the San Luis Valley You might say that Rob Jones has potatoes in his blood.  His grandfather started farming oats, peas, potatoes and alfalfa in the San Luis Valley around 1925, and they’ve never looked back.  His father took over when it was time for Grandad to retire and Rob did the same with his dad.  Back in the day, the family had to rent the land to farm, but today Jones Farms Organics has grown to 600 acres with an average potato yield of... Read More