Seger West Farm

Matt Seger Family

Fascinated By Potatoes

Matt Seger grew up in the Valley but not on a potato farm.  Nevertheless, he was fascinated by the potato harvest as a child and knew it was a business he wanted to get involved in.  After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Agronomic Production Management, Matt went to work for Sunny Valley Farms and McNitt Produce for seven years to learn the business. Then, with financial support from his boss, Dick McNitt, he was able to go out on his own.

From the Ground Up

Matt started Seger West Farms with 120 acres in 2000 just as the big drought began.  Surviving those first difficult years wasn’t easy and remains a great source of pride for Matt and his brother Ben who is the only other full time employee on the farm. Today they’ve grown to 800 acres harvesting potatoes, seed canola and Coors barley.  Both brothers share a love of machinery and are continually looking for ways to improve their operation.

Potato Innovation

Matt’s pet project is a low generation seed program that they started about two years ago.  Unlike any other in the valley, they use 100% artificial light which allows for a high degree of control of growing conditions for nuclear seed.   All three of Matt’s children, Wesley, Cole and Noelle, work on the farm in the summer and after school.  They transplant in the greenhouse, sort potatoes, and do other jobs to help out and motivate them to get an education!

All Outdoors All the Time

Like many other families in the San Luis Valley, the Segers love the outdoors.  When they’re not farming, they enjoy camping, mountain biking, riding four wheelers, and juggling kids’ sporting events and, of course, cooking potatoes.  Matt’s favorite – scalloped potatoes with ham.