Executive Director

The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee’s (CPAC) Executive Director will be retiring this fall. As we say farewell, we are seeking a new leader for our organization.

CPAC has a long-storied history as a leader in the potato industry and has great grower support. Founded in 1941, the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee was formed to support local potato growers and shippers. As the Federal and State Marketing Order, CPAC helps set quality standards, and strives to innovate in sustainability, best practices, research, and marketing. Together with the growers from the San Luis Valley and beyond, CPAC has overseen expansion into new varieties of potatoes and a multi-level inspection process that ensures over two billion pounds of Colorado potatoes grown annually are the highest quality possible.

This position has various roles including: acting as a liaison between Colorado potato growers and USDA and/or CDA, administrating of the marketing order program, performing all management duties under the direction of the CPAC committee.

The ideal candidate is an innovative and self-motivated individual that can lead our organization well into the future.

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