Colorado Waffle Iron Potatoes

Servings: 8


  • 2 lbs. Colorado Potatoes, Russet, Purple, Yukon Gold or Red
  • 1 Tbsp. Salt
  • 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil
  • Toppings (See below)


Bring one gallon of water to boil and add the salt.  Wash the potatoes and add to the boiling water.  Cook for 20-30 minutes until soft.  Drain the water and remove the potatoes.  Heat your waffle iron to high.  (You can also use a Panini press!)  Toss potatoes with olive oil to coat the skins.  Slowly lower lid on waffle maker and cook until crisp (about 2-3 minutes). From here, you can add a variety of toppings.  Here are some ideas:

New Mexico Roasted Chilies, Green Chili, Queso Fresco and Cilantro
Mexican Shredded Chicken, Mole Sauce, Oaxaca Cheese and Roasted Peppers and Onions
Balsamic Grilled Chicken, Sauteed peppers and onions, parmesan cheese and balsamic glaze
Chili Red Chili or Green Chili, Cheese, sour cream and green onions
Nachos Grilled chicken, enchilada sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream
Breakfast eggs, cheese, bacon or sausage, tomatoes and green onions