Purple Potato Hash – Dan Chrzanowski

2012 San Luis Valley Potato Festival – Professional Chef Cook-Off Recipe!  1st Round Winner and People Choice Award!


  • 2 lbs.  Purple Potatoes (Peruvian Fingerlings or Purple Majesty’s)
  • 8 oz  (6 strips) smoked bacon, dice to ½ inch pieces
  • ½ oz  (4 cloves) roasted garlic, sliced thin
  • 1 oz olive oil
  • 4 oz Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 oz  (or 4 cups) baby spinach
  • 2 oz Parmesan Cheese


Dice potatoes to ¼ inch.
Blanch in boiling water for 8-10 minutes (taste for consistency and adjust time as needed).
If you are doing the potatoes ahead of time, shock them in cold water to stop the cooking process.
In large skillet, sauté bacon until browned and cooked.
Add roasted garlic and diced potato, sauté until potatoes are hot.
Season with salt and pepper to your desired taste level.
Add heavy cream and reduce (the cream will start to thicken… approx 3-4 minutes).
Add spinach and turn off the heat so the spinach just starts to wilt.
Serve immediately and top each serving with grated parmesan cheese.