Salt-Grilled Potatoes

Salt-grilled potatoes are a tasty change of pace for summer meals, and they go great with any barbecued food.
Servings: 2


  • 2 medium┬áRusset, white or yellow-flesh potatoes or 3 to 4 small red potatoes
  • Iodized or kosher salt


Preheat grill. Cut potatoes in halves or quarters, depending on size.

Place a 12- by 16-inch piece of foil on work surface. Lay bacon slices side by side in middle of foil. Slice onion into 4 slices and place on top of bacon. Place potatoes on top of onion and sprinkle with Cajun seasoning, salt and pepper. Cut corn cobs in half and place on top of potatoes.

Fold up the sides of the foil into a package, sealing well. Place package on grill and cook for 40 minutes or until corn is tender. Use oven mitts to remove package from grill. Unwrap before serving.