Tri-Color Potato Torte for Four – Mike Pizzuto

Servings: 4



1. Peel washed potatoes and coarse shred. Blanch in hot water, drain and cool. Reserve for step three.
2. Pre-heat a nine-inch, non-stick sauté pan with 1/8- inch canola or olive oil for one minute over medium heat.
3. Evenly spread blanched potatoes one inch deep over heated oil and season with lemon pepper. Add layers of cheese, pimento, green chile and onion, and then cover with remaining shredded potatoes. Maintain medium heat and cook until potatoes are brown on bottom. Note: avoid shaking the pan until the potatoes adhere together.
4. Place oven-proof serving dish slightly larger than the pan over potatoes. Turn off the heat, using hot pads to hold the serving dish against the pan, invert the dish and pan in quick movements, turning upside- down so browned potato surface faces up on the serving dish.
5. Finish preparation in a 350-degree oven until the potatoes are fully cooked. Cut into four equal wedges and garnish with one tablespoon of sour cream.