Monte Vista Potato Growers

Established in 1938

Monte Vista Potato Growers (MVPG) is a shipping warehouse co-op, in Monte Vista, CO.  Founded in 1938, Monte Vista Potato Growers has continued to be a large player in the Colorado Potato Industry. The warehouse runs roughly 800,000 hundredweight of potatoes (80 million pounds) yearly and is continually increasing volume. MVPG is comprised of 9 individual growers; as they continue to have increased yields, the warehouse is increasing their efficiency, as well! Monte Vista Potato Growers averages 4,000-5,000 sacks daily! (Sacks are calculated in hundredweight.)

General Manager

I had the privilege of interviewing Jason Tillman, the General Manager of Monte Vista Potato Growers. Growing up in the San Luis Valley and having the opportunity to work for many growers throughout his teenage years, Jason brings a huge amount of passion and knowledge to his GM position. He is very focused on continuing to increase volume, efficiency and return for the growers; “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our run time and be more efficient. We want to continue increasing our volume and income, because at the end of the day, we’re trying to make money for the growers as a whole.” Jason is a member on the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) Board and will chair the Marketing Sub-Committee this upcoming year. He is excited to increase consumer awareness of Colorado Potatoes. He is also a member on Potatoes USA, the national potato marketing board and is excited for this new opportunity and what it will bring for the Potato Industry as a whole.

Jason is married to Heather Tillman and they have two daughters; Rorie and Syrie. Together they have a family owned and operated ranch. Jason enjoys running the cows with his family and loves to teach his children the hard-work and dedication that having a family farm/ranch entails firsthand. Outside of being a great leader in Potato Industry and a family man, Jason is also very involved with his community. He is a high school basketball referee, a volunteer fire-fighter for the Mosca-Hooper Fire Department, board member for the San Luis Valley 4-H Fair and sits on the Ski-Hi Stampede Committee. Jason’s favorite way to eat Colorado Potatoes is mashed with creamy white gravy.