Industry Partners: Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools

Colorado Potatoes Needs Your Help!

We are participating in Potatoes USA’s Salad Bar Challenge again this year! Last year, with the help of the Colorado potato industry, we donated 20 salad bars! This year, we want to exceed that number! You can help us reach this goal! How? By becoming one of our industry partners!

How Does it Work?

Colorado Potatoes will cover half of the cost of a salad bar donation. That means, you can help get a salad bar to a school who needs one for only $1,550! Plus, Potatoes USA will match EVERY. SINGLE. DONATION. That means your donation can help get two salad bars into schools! Plus, Potatoes USA will help those schools by providing delicious recipes that their students will love! We are only able to help fund a limited amount of salad bars, so take advantage of this opportunity right away! Together, we can ensure that every child across our nation has access to fresh fruits and vegetables!

Become One of Our Partners Today!

Contact us about donating a salad bar at or call us at (719) 852-3322.
Find out more about the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools efforts at: