“Raising the Bar” at Sanford

Sanford is third SLV school to receive a salad bar

As a part of the US Potato Board’s Salad Bar Challenge, Sanford School in Sanford, CO newly received two salad bars for their cafeteria.  The school received both a regular size salad bar and a smaller size salad bar for elementary students.  The Sanford food service staff was thrilled to receive the donation.  Having two sizes of salad bar provided them with the opportunity to better serve students of all ages at the school.   The small salad bar is easier for their younger children to see and reach, so they are more apt to utilize it.


Salad Bar Challenge: Going Strong!

Having a salad bar is an effective strategy to increase students’ intake of fruits and vegetables.  Having healthy foods easily accessible to students helps them make healthy choices and develop healthy eating habits.  To date, potato growers of the San Luis Valley and CPAC have donated eight salad bars, which will all be matched by Potatoes USA.  This is the third salad bar to have been donated to a San Luis Valley school.  CPAC is proud to be a part of this program, which is promoting healthy nutrition by getting salad bars into more schools.


Learn more

To learn more about the Let’s Move Salad Bars to School initiative, click here. To learn about Potatoes USA’s involvement and support of the program, click here. The salad bar challenge is an ongoing campaign, so if you would like to get involved, contact CPAC at info@coloradopotato.org.