Standing Up For Potatoes On Capitol Hill

Colorado Potato Industry Representatives in in Washington D.C.

National Potato Council Fly-In

On February 26 through March 1, 2018, representatives of the Colorado Potato Industry joined growers and industry leaders from around the country in Washington D.C., on Capitol Hill, for the National Potato Council’s 2018 Potato D.C. Fly-In.  The National Potato Council holds this annual meeting  to give members of the potato industry a better understanding of and a chance to advocate for the industry’s most pressing federal policy priorities.  This allows representatives to meet with lawmakers, administration officials and regulators and educate them about the importance of the potato industry and how various policies have an impact on it.

The Potato Industry Leadership Institute

The Fly-In began with the 2018 Potato Industry Leadership Institute, or PILI.  This annual event brings together emerging leaders in the industry from around country.  The Leadership Institute began on February 21, right here in Colorado, and ended in Washington D.C., where attendees joined fellow potato industry leaders at the Fly-In.  Representing Colorado was Karen Warsh of the World Trade Center in Denver  and Jason Tillman of Monte Vista Potato Growers.  The Leadership Institute is an eight day program that develops leaders and requires the commitment of time and energy by its participants towards the betterment of the potato industry.

During their time in the San Luis Valley, the Potato Industry Leadership Institute class was treated to tours of the Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility in Alamosa, Aspen Produce, the San Luis Valley Research Center, Idaho Pacific Corporation, Proximity Malt, the Alamosa Solar Generating Project and the Rio Grande Water Conservation District.

Standing Up for Potatoes on Capitol Hill

The Fly-In is attended by growers and industry leaders looking to make a difference and stand up for the potato industry. If you would like to learn more about the Fly-In, please visit the National Potato Council’s website.